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Your Advocate after a Car Accident or Personal Injury

Because our society depends greatly on motorized vehicles, car accidents are, unfortunately, a common reality. However, car accidents are anything but normal, and they can dramatically alter the course of our lives. In many cases, it can be extremely difficult for those who are victims of an auto accident to obtain necessary compensation without appropriate legal assistance, due to the complexities of the legal system. What’s more, insurance companies, which often have substantial assets available to aggressively defend their clients, will often attempt to settle cases out of court by convincing car accident victims that an attorney is not necessary. Fortunately, Raymond R. Hassanlou is well known as a highly experienced car accident lawyer in Los Angeles who is dedicated to winning cases for his clients and securing their due compensation.

Mr. Hassanlou, as a car accident lawyer in the San Fernando Valley for many years, has fought on his clients’ behalf, in and out of court, to ensure that they get the compensation packages that accurately reflect the severity of any injuries sustained. Complex and potentially life threatening injuries inflicted in auto accidents require a highly experienced attorney who can precisely convey damage suffered to the court in a manner which is conducive to winning. Mr. Hassanlou understands that sometimes, even if it may seem clear who the guilty party is, it is necessary to fight for justice, and that is what he is ready to do in order to support you and your family if legal services are required.

When you need the services of a top personal injury lawyer in Encino, Mr. Hassanlou is here to help. At the Law Offices of Raymond R. Hassanlou, we guide clients through the legal and financial maze of modern civil law in order to recover damages suffered at the hands of guilty parties.



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