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Truck Accident Lawyer

In America, the trucking industry is one of the backbones of our economy. We rely on thousands of truckers successfully delivering their payloads to the stores, factories, and businesses that need a constant flow of supplies. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and in addition to lost time and productivity, these truck accidents also cause serious injuries. While the injured party can often be the truck driver who might not have been at fault, it is sometimes another motorist who is injured by the inattention or negligent actions of the truck driver. What ties these two types of victims together is that it is vital for them to secure the legal guidance of a talented truck accident lawyer in Los Angeles. At the Law Office of Raymond R. Hassanlou, we provide our clients with the passionate legal representation they expect out of a truck accident lawyer in Los Angeles, with the compassion and empathy necessary to argue on your behalf in court.

The Representation Accident Victims Need

Because of the obvious momentum behind a fast moving truck, injuries stemming from a truck accident are often very serious. This means that whichever truck accident lawyer Encino residents rely on needs to argue for an equally serious compensation package on their behalf. This also means that when searching for a truck accident lawyer in Encino, victims must select an attorney that will go the extra mile to get the very best end result for their client.

While some lawyers may boast a very high rate of success, that is often because they take only the easiest cases that can be settled out of court. Raymond Hassanlou is a true Los Angeles truck accident lawyer who fights for each client to ensure their best possible future. A successful court case does not simply mean getting just any amount of compensation; it also means that whatever court victory is reached is also proportional to the severity of the injuries. By settling a case that could be won in court with a much larger amount for the victim, a truck accident injury lawyer may be doing their client a true disservice.

Taking Care of Your Legal Needs

In addition to being a trusted Los Angeles truck accident attorney, Raymond Hassanlou also represents his clients’ legal interests in a wide variety of other areas. He is also a top divorce attorney Encino residents rely on to protect their interests when it comes to such an important area as family. He has help countless divorcing clients get through this difficult phase, just as he regularly does for clients recovering from an injury when he serves as a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer. For those that are struggling both physically and financially to recover during the time immediately following an accident, Mr. Hassanlou can represent them on a contingency basis, so you won’t get billed until your case has come to a successful conclusion. Anyone needing a Los Angeles injury lawyer should not hesitate to contact us today at (818) 400-0000.

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