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The Accident Lawyer Los Angeles Plaintiffs Recommend

With thousands of people on Los Angeles’s roads every day, it is only too possible to suffer an auto accident. Fender benders are frightening enough, but what if you are more seriously injured? Whiplash could be the first sign of a more serious spine, neck, or head injury. Broken bones or nerve damage could keep you out of work for weeks, and you could even suffer permanent injury that reduces your ability to maintain employment. The Law Office of Raymond R. Hassanlou is here to represent seriously injured victims of car accidents, such as yourself. Founder Raymond R. Hassanlou, Esq, is Los Angeles’ top accident attorney, providing representation to personal injury victims across our metropolis.

Car accidents can happen for all kinds of reasons, but too often, they occur because one party is simply, dangerously negligent. Some industries, for example, push drivers very hard, and this can cause severe fatigue and dangerous accidents. More typically, too many people check their phones while driving, and injuries and deaths from being hit by a driver who was texting are, sadly, on the rise. The Law Office of Raymond R. Hassanlou provides help with an expert accident attorney Los Angeles victims need to represent them.

You don’t have to suffer serious injury, rising medical bills, and lost wages alone. Contact the accident lawyer Los Angeles plaintiffs recommend – the Law Offices of Raymond R. Hassanlou. He and his legal team are here to provide clients throughout Greater Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley with the very best in legal counsel and advice.


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