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Jennifer N "Thank you so much for the time you extended to me on the phone when I first called your law firm. I was impressed with your knowledge on California Family Laws and felt comfortable letting you handle my case. I will recommend your Firm to those seeking a divorce lawyer."
John Q "The people at Hassanlou's Law Firm took care of everything, They made my life easier. I told them about my car accident and they told me right on the phone I had a case. So they came right out and took care of me. I had a tough case and without Ray's help I would not have been able to get a fair compensation from the insurance company but they came through for me. Ray settled my tough case quickly, without going to court. Ray Hassanlou's office were extremely helpful during the whole process. 
Ray fought for me, and he'll fight for you."
Michael S. " When you contact the Law Offices of Ray Hassanlou, you get an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer that you can trust. You will be given a straightforward assessment of your case. You will feel comfortable knowing that Ray will get results you are looking for. Ray gives personalized attention to each of the matters handled by his office. If something is important to the client, Ray will attend to it immediately.
Your case is approached in a financially responsible and efficient manner without sacrificing quality of representation."
Kevin L. "When you call the Law Offices of Ray Hassanlou, they go to work on your case right away. They are professional and caring. You will be very pleased with the outcome. In some cases even when an insurance company originally denied the claim, Ray was able to get his clients the maximum compensation for their injuries. 
In Ray’s mind, meeting the needs of his clients is the most important responsibility. Ray understands that his clients are served best when he is able to achieve the best financial results at the end of the case. The firm does not get paid unless there is a recovery. Therefore, in every case the goal is to maximize recovery for each of the firm’s clients."

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