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It is true that there are a great many personal injury cases that are so cut and dried that most observers can predict the outcome before any legal decision is made. These are the types of cases usually taken by less hardworking lawyers who only want to settle cases out of court. Raymond R. Hassanlou, on the other hand, is a personal injury lawyer in Encino that will fight for his clients, in or out of court, to get them the compensation they need and deserve.

But, when a trial goes to court, simply picking just any car accident lawyer in Los Angeles is not sufficient. To ensure that they get a favorable result, accident victims need to make sure that theirs the better lawyer in the room, both in terms of legal knowledge, and in the ability to successfully convey an argument. Mr. Hassanlou truly gets to know and cares for the wellbeing of his clients, and uses this empathy to properly explain to the court why a person deserves compensation. While the clients themselves are often the best equipped to explain to someone the suffering that they experience as a result of their accident, an empathetic, yet strong lawyer is a winning alternative.

For years, Mr. Hassanlou has been the car accident lawyer San Fernando Valley residents turn to when they need a strong advocate for justice after being injured in an accident. With a solid track record of legal success, and a compassionate and comforting demeanor, Mr. Hassanlou is the perfect representative to fight for your legal needs.


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