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What is a Paternity Activity?
A paternity action is often a court action to have a man declared the father of a youngster and might be brought by means of either the mom or dad. If the man is determined to be the father, the court will order child support payments and definitely will give him custody or visitation rights. DNA checks today may determine paternity with 99.9% accuracy and may rule away paternity with 100% precision. DNA checks determining paternity are generally admissible within court.

What exactly is DNA Assessment?
In the practice of testing pertaining to paternity, DNA profiling enables the direct study of a kid's genetic characteristics. The innate characteristics on the child are compared to its mom. Those traits not present in the mother will need to have been inherited from your father. The diagnosed father can be tested, and in the event he doesn't have those innate characteristics, he then is not the father. If he comes with those traits, the probability which he is the biological father is subsequently increased.

A paternity lawyer can help you to invoke your current rights when you believe you are the father of the child and therefore are seeking custodianship, visitation, or a few other kind of parental rights. A paternity lawyer is usually useful within disputing allegations which a man is the father of the child entitling the child payments as well as other benefits that go with being the child of someone.

When an unmarried woman carries a child, paternity often must be established. If so, a DNA test will probably be used to demonstrate if someone is the biological father. The connection between the DNA examination are then utilised by the court as evidence of parenthood.

At Hassanlou Law Offices in Los Angeles, our lawyers in paternity circumstances deal mostly with two issues; the duty of a father for making child support payments to the mother of the child, and to grant the unmarried father to share the custodianship and visitation.

We encourage you to call or visit our office today for a free consultation to discuss your concerns and also to learn concerning your legal options. Our team fully understands what may be at risk for an individual, and will continue to work diligently to shield your economic interests as well as protect your parental rights to be a part of your kids upbringing.


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