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Accident Attorney in Los Angeles Helps You

If you have been in a serious car accident, you may suffer personal injury related to the crash. These injuries could appear immediately, and include broken bones or serious burns. Or, injuries may appear some time after the incident– concussions and neck injuries, and other issues may not have symptoms initially, but long-lasting harm could be done if these go untreated. If you have been injured in a car accident, you may have to take time off work, and face mounting medical bills. If another party is at fault, you need a Los Angeles accident lawyer with years of experience – you need the Law Office of Raymond R. Hassanlou.

Raymond R. Hassanlou, Esq., has extensive experience representing accident victims, and getting them the financial help they need to pay medical bills, and cover lost wages. Mr. Hassanlou knows it is important for his personal injury clients to have an affordable accident lawyer with free consultations. We can travel to you, so if you need to remain in your home, or are still hospitalized after your accident, we will visit you to discuss your case. If we accept your case, we work on contingency – that means that we don’t collect any payment unless we a settlement or legal award is achieved.

Personal injury and auto accident cases can appear complex and confusing, but with the right accident attorney in Los Angeles, you get the financial compensation you need to focus on your health and your family. The Law Offices of Raymond R. Hassanlou provide thorough representation of your case, so you get the help you need. 


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