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Have you been injured in a Truck Accident in Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys or Hollywood California area and need a truck accidnet lawyer to help you with your case?

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You deserve a compassionate California Truck Accident lawyer who takes your case seriously.You deserve a law firm that has successfully won or settled Truck Accident cases in the state of California.

You deserve an attorney who will reassure you, will listen to you, and will work their hardest to get money that pays for your injuries, your work loss, your car damages, and your pain and suffering.

We can be that law firm for you.

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We sit with you to listen to your story, and then we will determine if we believe you have a case against the truck driver and his insurance company.

You do not pay us any out-of-pocket expenses while we represent you.

That means no bills coming from us in the mail. No calls from a collection agency asking that you send us money. We only receive compensation when your case is settled or is an award is given after a successful court trial. We are only paid with a portion of your settlement or award. The rest is used to pay for your injuries, medical bill, lost wages and other damages.

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Your next step is easy: you can call us any time of day at (818) 784-8484. We'll talk with you about your case, and review your info — all for free. If we need more information, or believe you have a case, we'll then sit down with you for a free initial consultation. We meet people all over Southern California, and if your injuries are serious and you cannot come into one of our offices across the state, we will come to you.

The sooner you contact us about your case, the sooner you move to protect YOUR rights and interests. 

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"When you call the Law Offices of Ray Hassanlou, they go to work on your case right away. They are professional and caring. You will be very pleased with the outcome. In some cases even when an insurance company originally denied the claim, Ray was able to get his clients the maximum compensation for their injuries. The firm does not get paid unless there is a recovery. Therefore, in every case the goal is to maximize recovery for each of the firm’s clients.