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Our law firm provides personal injury legal services for Sherman Oaks, Hollywood and  Los Angeles California.  If you have been involved in a car accident or other type of personal injuries,  please contact us now for a completely  FREE CONSULTATION. 

Sherman Oaks is a city with a diversity of businesses, shopping centers and wide variety residential living spaces. Home to about 55,000 people, Sherman Oaks is a relatively affluent region in the San Fernando Valley, located just west of Studio City and east of Encino. Our law offices serve the entire Southern California area, from Los Angeles to San Diego, including Sherman Oaks and North Hollywood. We offer a wide range of services regarding personal injury law, including but not limited to  car,  motorcycle,  truck,  bus,  train,  bicycle  and  pedestrian accidents; hit & run and  uninsured motorist (UM) accidents;  premises liability accidents  including slip & fall and trip & fall claims;  dog bite and dog attack claims;  burn injury accidents;  wrongful death claims; and other serious and  catastrophic personal injury accidents.

Personal injuries are injuries which a victim suffers as a result of avoidable accidents which could not have occurred if not for the negligence or inaction of the party at fault. Our topSherman Oaks personal injury attorneys are not only skilled in representing personal injury victims of auto accidents but are also well known in going after those who are liable for failing to properly maintain their premises or keep them free from dangerous or hazardous conditions like: slip and fall accidents, trip and fall accidents, dog bite accidents, animal attacks and construction accidents. Our experienced Sherman Oaks personal injury attorneys will even go so far as hiring safety engineering experts and other expert witnesses to make sure that we get the complete and maximum compensation you deserve for all your injuries.

Our dedicated Sherman Oaks personal injury lawyers and legal staff members from the Sherman Oaks, CA area are attentive to your individual needs and understand the nature of your case. We aggressively pursue personal injury cases, whether they are being settled out of court or are being litigated in court. We are the top personal injury lawyers in Sherman Oaks, CA.

Contact one of our Sherman Oaks, CA personal injury lawyers to discuss your case. We offer a free initial consultation so you can have your case assessed by our top personal injury lawyers. Get in touch with us 24 hours a day, seven days a week to be reassured that your case is in good hands.

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List of Our Services

  • Automobile Accident
  • Head-on collisions
  • Rear-end collisions
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Bicycle-automobile collisions
  • Pedestrian-automobile collisions
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Head injury
  • Neck injury


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