Modification of Judgements

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Judgment Modifications

1) What grounds have to be shown to get a child or spousal support order modified?

In order for a court to modify an existing child or spousal support order, the court must find that there has been a change of circumstances since the last order was made.The most common change of circumstances is an increase in the income of the paying party, which usually results in an increase in the support order.

One exception is the case where the parent having custody of the minor children agrees to receive less child support than is indicated under the Minimum Child Support Guideline.
When this happens, the custodial parent can later petition the court for a higher child support order, even if there is no evidence of that the other parent’s income is greater.

2) I don’t like what the judge did in dividing up our community property.
How can I get the judge’s decision modified?

The portions of a judgment that divide the community property cannot be modified. If you are dissatisfied with the judge’s decision, you may want to consider filing an appeal.

Hassanlou Law Offices works with clients in post-divorce modifications in Los Angeles and Orange County, when one of the parties seeks to modify child support in California, or to terminate or modify spousal support, change the child custody arrangement, or modify any other divorce or domestic relations order.

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A divorce ends with the issuance of a divorce decree and court orders regarding property division, child custody, child support and spousal support. In some instances, these orders are final, while in others the court retains jurisdiction to monitor the situation and make changes as needed. In either case, it is possible to obtain a modification of court order issued in a divorce. A court order may only be modified by another court order, so it is necessary to have a hearing in court, and both parties may be present to argue whether the change should be made or not. Whether you are the one seeking the modification or will be affected by it, you will want to be represented by an experienced Los Angeles County family attorney to make sure your rights are protected and that any change respects your interests and needs.

In order to obtain a modification, it is necessary to show that circumstances have changed since the order was issued, so that a modification would now be justified. Regarding an award of child support or a spousal support order of alimony, examples of changed circumstances could include an increase or decrease in the income of either party, or a change in the financial needs of one of the exes. A change in the medical needs or educational expenses of the children may also justify a change in the child support order.

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A change in child custody may also be in order when circumstances change. A change may be something as simple as a child becoming school-age and needing to reside in a particular school district for most of the year, to something as complicated as a parent needing to relocate to a different job across the country. A major move may require a major change in the custody arrangement, as well as the visitation plan for parenting time and how vacations and holidays are divided.

A parent seeking to modify custody must prove not only the need for a change but also that the change is in the best interest of the child. If you are seeking or challenging a change in custody, support, or any court order, be sure to retain an experienced Los Angeles support modification lawyer who can advocate effectively for your interests and make sure your rights are protected. In Los Angeles and Orange County, contact Hassanlou Law Offices for immediate assistance.

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